Unreleased – Aton Tep – The Last Sun – EP – 2010

In 2010, I released my first 2 studio albums “Desert EP” & “City Nights EP” with We are Busy Body Records. After those projects I started work the next release entitled “The Last Sun”. After completing the initial tracks other priorities took over my life and I just stepped away from music. I took that project and just shelved it. As I was going though my old files I came across my last work. “The Last Sun”. I think its time for everyone to hear it, I know I am 7 years late. But nows a good time to hear my old sound. Hope the world enjoys it.

Copyright –  All music / instruments & production created exclusively by JASON QUITT, 2010.



1.Lake View

2. Sirius Rising

3. The Last Sun

4. Solar Wind

5. Dust

6. Start Again

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  1. [email protected]

    at birth my name was Tracy Jo Garmenz
    i have been in search of my soul group for some time and my story is one of a Peace Maker….. i came here as an Ambassador for the reentrance of Peace to this reality to make way for theEnergies of Love to ignite our true design into Light once again to begin the Awkening process…..

    you have ignited my soul and this music left me teary eyed and reassured that it is happening and that IAM a part of this for REAL !!!

    I AM GOING TO ORDER SOME TOOLS TO ASSIST ME WITH THIS PROCESS<3 ….. meeting u is going to happen for when we look into the eyes of ourself in another and we truly see ourself there…this person to me is one you have an agreement with in this lifetime to once again communion with ~ share water brother and break bread with me ? IAM hungry for your knowledge to be shared and eaten ~ i have a story to share, but then again don't we all ? maybe it's time : )

  2. great vibes of transcendental music. hails to you man! I am gonna start your postures to heal here soon, you seem legit. Take care

  3. Awesome music. Was talking with my daughter to night and the time went, for about an hour we talked. Had the youtube on and you came up or crystal sun was said to me while I was medataing after the phone call. So I looked up what i heard. WOW. My cuz gave me a crystal a while back from Arkansaw. I wrapped it in copper thread and it’s around my neck on hemp thread. I see 3 cross’s in the middle of it. People are drawn to it at the store I go to or walk’s I go on. Amazing crystal. You are amazing too.

  4. Jason-these are very relaxing tracks! Very “Chill” worthy. You should sell this on Amazon or iTunes or this site. I would buy it and put it on repeat.

  5. LOVE your feel, Jason!

    (If you upload these albums to Bandcamp you would have the option to provide a donation button. Also, the albums could play through all tracks without stopping.)

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