Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum

Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum.

Tet = Pillar | Ra = Sun

Together it is the “Pillar of the Sun” – A tool of¬†transformation, purity, power & stability.

Designed by Jason Quitt.

Comes with gold plated dowsing chain.

Pendulum is 2″ x 0.5″ – Brass

The Tetra is a very ancient symbol used by many civilizations.

The metaphysical and philosophical design of the Tet.Ra is as follows: The top pillars denotes the ability to connect with other minds and though forms. The bottom is the retention of what is being drawn in while allowing the accompanying vibrational messengers to return to their origin. The middle is the union of the energetic forces to be adapted to the particular wave length and vibration of the life force.

To build up rapport with the Tetra, wear it for short periods of time and gradually build up. Putting it under your pillow gives you a good sleep and you will wake up with the answers to your questions.

Spiritually the Tetra is a tool of transformation, purity, protection, power & stability.


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