Pyramids force us to change our understanding of history

I was very fortunate to be part of the Global Pyramid Conference held this past weekend in Chicago Illinois. This event was not just focused on the most famous Egyptian pyramids, but on pyramids that have been found and studied all over the world from Central America to China and everything in between. It turns out that the Earth is home to more than 10,000 pyramids and some of these ancient structures defy our modern understanding of construction and history. Many of these ancient pyramids are dated so far back in our known history that just their acknowledgement would completely rewrite all the history books.


1200 Ton stone block of Baalbek, Lebanon.

The history that has been taught to us in school is based on an idea that there were no advanced civilization prior to 6000 years ago. We are taught to believe that at one moment in our past our ancestors suddenly gained the ability of advance writing, architecture, agriculture, philosophy, spiritual sciences and technology. What doesn’t make any sense about this claim is that the most ancient pyramids where built with monolithic stones cut to absolute precision and some times moved over 900 miles to their destination. Some of these cut blocks are so huge that no modern day technology could move them today. This is evident just by looking at the massive 1200 ton stone of Baalbek from Lebanon. As time progressed to later periods in history this type of monolithic architecture declined until the later structures were made with mud and clay bricks. How is it possible that over time their advanced knowledge actually declined until it was completely lost.


Dr. Sam Osmanagich & Jason Quitt at the Global Pyramid Conference, 2016.

The most controversial of these discoveries was the main topic of the weekend event. If validated by mainstream archeologists and scientists would change our understanding of our history. This discovery made by Dr. Sam Osmanagich is the highly debated Pyramid complex located in Bosnia. Since its announcement as a true ancient pyramid site there has been an intense effort to shut this project down and discredit Dr. Sam Osmanagich and any other archeologist or scientist substantiating these claims. Even if you were to look up the Bosnian Pyramid right now on Google you will find numerous sites and experts discrediting this find. Why has there been such a massive and violent response to this new discovery? It turns out that there is not just one pyramid in this location but at least three. Over the past 10 years Dr. Sam Osmanagich has been excavating these sites with thousands of volunteers from all over the world to uncover the true structures and materials hidden underneath their feet.


A core sample from the 34,000 year old cement block found at the Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnia.

Excavation of these pyramids has revealed some amazing discoveries that we really need to take the time to think about. The Pyramid of the Sun (the main pyramid) is more than 220 metres high. This would make this the largest known pyramid in the world being one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza. The north side face of this pyramid is faces exactly true north with less then 1 degree of error. This means the astronomical and architecture is extremely precise. The slope of each side of the pyramid is exactly 45 degrees. The building material of this pyramid is also an anomaly. Many independent test show that this is a very unique form of cement that has not come from modern times. In fact, this ancient cement is much stronger then any modern day cement. We still do not know how they achieved this mixture. During excavation they found organic material stuck in this building material. Through independent carbon dating this organic material dates back to an astounding 34,000 years. Which means that the construction of this pyramid took place around that time period.

There have also been labyrinths of tunnels that have been excavated throughout this pyramid. This has also been confirmed by ground penetrating radar teams. But what really stands out from this pyramid is something that really cannot be explained as natural. Emanating from the apex of the pyramid is a constant energy beam. This beam has been verified by at least four independent research teams with their own unique measuring equipment. Each of these teams came up with the same results. That there is a 10 metre electromagnetic beam of energy shooting into the sky in the frequency range of 28kHz. Is this pyramid still active as an energy machine?

Dr. Sam Osmanagich has also started to excavate the Pyramid of the Moon. Here they have uncovered walkways, terraces and walls made from sandstone blocks/tiles that are layered with 4 inches of clay between them. Radiocarbon dating of organic material found in the clay of this construction dates back at least 12,000 years ago. The Pyramid of the Moon stands at 190 feet tall, make it the second largest pyramid in the world. Many other strange artifacts and writing has been found in the tunnels and area around these pyramids. When you look at the Bosnian pyramid complex from the sky you can clearly see that all three pyramids are perfectly laid out as a 60 degree triangle with exact distances between each pyramid. Another feature that is clearly not natural.


From my experience talking with Dr. Sam Osmanagich and other archaeologists/scientists there seems to be a recurring theme. That for some reason discoveries that do not fit into the mainstream narrative of history are blacklisted by the establishment. Those who come forward publicly with these discoveries are ridiculed, blacklisted from the community or worse. There also seems to be a concerted effort to shut down any site, artifact or person going against this mainstream narrative. By hiding discoveries these establishments have taken away our connection to our past. Because of this we have lost our identity and collective memories of who we are as a species. In my view, is a massive crime that has been perpetuated on the human race for thousands of years. We need to disclose what we know about these and many more discoveries that have been purposely hidden out of view of the public domain. The information we gather cannot be claimed and hidden by organizations, establishments and governments. This information needs to be open source and available to all people so we can reclaim our lost history. Hopefully there will be many more courageous men and woman who step forward with new discoveries that can change our understanding of who we are, where we came from and what is possible for us to achieve in our near future.


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