The Universal Energy System

chakrasYou’ve heard it a million times though your life time, that we are all connected, or all is one. But we never really full experience this or understand the vast wisdom behind these statements. Before this can make sense, we need to learn and remember how we work, and how the energies on a whole work and interact with each other.

First lets start with our own energy system which is made up of our physical bodies, electro magnetic fields, chakras, meridians, and energetic bodies.  (emotional, mental, spiritual bodies) To have a full understanding of who we are, we need to explore these areas and even come up with a new definition of health. Because being in perfect health is not just a physical thing. There are many factors beyond the physical that effect our lives and the way we live it.

When we incarnate here, we bring with us the energies of our past and future lives. And we take on the energies of parents, and ancestors. These energies are encoded in our psychic anatomy,(which encompasses our entire energetic systems).  These energies determine our paths in life. It is what we refer to as KARMA.  What we carry, is stored in our chakras and energetic bodies. These can manifest as addictions, obsessions, personality traits, fears, disorders, and health issues. By being incarnated here we have an amazing opportunity to shift and heal these energies that have stayed with us lifetime after lifetime.

The human system is so advanced that its is built to heal, we just need to remember how to get that process started again.

When we are in perfect health energetically, we naturally connect and flow with the universal energies.

When we are weak or out of balance, we are shut off from these energies, and we look for other sources of energy to keep us satisfied . This takes form as Addictions, Obsessions.  This is when our bodies go into fear, anxiety, depression, and health issues.

when our chakras are balanced and spinning at a high level, the higher solar chakras start to activate and integrate into the 7 main Chakras.

The earth is set up the same way with lay lines and portals.

We live in an open Energy system, always sending and receiving information. (Sacred Circuit Connection)

This connects all the way to the source through the “webs of light”

We need to be in tune to these energies in order to heal, evolve, and ascend our frequencies back to our true nature.

We can start to shift and change the consciousness of the planet, by just healing ourselves and allowing our energy to flow through the planetary grids.

Right now, the human race is at such a low level, that the planet herself has been calling out to higher beings, and energies for assistance to heal and raise her frequency so that she may ascend as to her path.  This is why there are so many gifted children being incarnated in this time. We don’t have to wait for an apocalypse type event to happen, we can shift ourselves now into a higher state of being.

By Jason Quitt

Copyright 2015

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