Finding your Sacred Dimension

While involved in the study of the mysteries of ancient egypt, I remember coming across a curious piece of information that has been sitting in the back of my mind ever since. This information had to do with ancient egyptian measurement systems which included their pyramid inch, sacred cubit & royal cubit. These numbers always stuck with me and drove me to find out how and why they choose such numbers and what made them so special.

The one measurement that intrigued me was the royal cubit. Supposedly this number changed from pharaoh to pharaoh because it was the sacred measurement of the pharaoh himself. How they figured out this number was by measuring the pharaohs forearm from the elbow to the wrist. Once this number was figured out it was utilized in the construction of sacred objects and structures to honour the pharaoh.

So I thought to myself what makes this number so special and can we use our own royal cubit to enhance our energetic potential. This measurement connects us with our own unique energetic frequency which put us into direct resonance with the sacred geometry structures that make up our physical body.

I remember hearing stories and myths from ancient egypt that when the gods entered sacred chambers their presence alone would magically open the doors or by the use of magical word or tone they could illuminated the hallways. Could these stories have anything to do with the high science of the royal cubits interaction between the person and the environment?

I believe that by creating structures and tools using the measurement of the royal cubit one could be in harmonic resonance with their environment.

When you see ancient statues of the gods, many can still feel the strong energetic presence of that individual flowing seamlessly through the stone. Could it be possible that their royal cubit was used to connect their energies to the structure? I believe that this is just part of this very ancient high science of using numbers and measurements to harmonically tune to universal and personal vibrational signatures.

How you can find your own Royal Cubit:

You will need a long piece of string.

1. Take the string and measure the circumference around your forehead. Tie a knot in the string so you do not loose this measurement.

2. Measure the string – this should be the same length as your forearm.

This is your Royal Cubit.

You will see that this measurement is also the same as your shoe size.

If you open the string up it will be the measurement from your knee to the base of your foot.

This will also be the width of your shoulders.

When this measurement is divided or multiplied we can find all the scared numbers of our entire body. Once we find out our own sacred dimensions we can use these numbers in healing, dowsing, building structures, tools, objects, colours and sound to enhance our unique connection to our own harmonics.

Why I find this information so fascinating is how it helps attune us to our own vibrational nature. This nature is the source of our continuousness, our vitality, our strength and our healing potential.

By Jason Quitt

Copyright 2015

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