Let There Be Light

God said . . . “LMagda_studioet there be light” . . . but it took Tesla and Edison to bring that light into our homes by converting electricity (electrons) into photons to remove the drudger of house and office work.  Tesla was able to transmit invisible “light” through the air opening up new vistas with the invention of radio, television and now the Internet.

Tesla and Edison – two geniuses, sometimes working together and sometimes against each other paved the way for many of the modern inventions we enjoy in our every day lives, many of which we now take for granted.

Visible light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can perceive with our eyes.  Scientists don’t understand how light can travel both as waves and as packets of energy called photons.  Despite this we can use different wavelengths of light in different ways.

Shorter light-waves (ultraviolet light for example) can kill microbes and are used to disinfect water, medical equipment etc. Tesla’s handheld Violet Ray device was used by doctors to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Longer light-waves (infrared) can be detected by your body as heat and are used in deep tissue laser therapy to relieve pains. Infrared saunas help people detoxify by removing toxins through sweat.  Even longer light-waves (radio waves) can penetrate solids such as concrete walls and can be used to send messages through space. They enable us to listen to radio and to watch TV and to communicate with friends through our cell phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

What few people realize is that visible light, just like radio frequencies, can carry information.  Indeed, Li-Fi is an alternative to Wi-Fi that uses light frequencies rather than microwave frequencies as the carrier wave.  Li-Fi is ideal for short-distance, line-of-sight communication, as it cannot pass through walls. It’s perfect for situations where a secure Internet connection is needed. For those concerned about unwanted exposures to microwaves, Li-Fi might be a feasible alternative to Wi-Fi.  I say “might” because light is biologically active.  It affects us in many ways and flickering light, even if we are unable to perceive the flicker consciously, we may have undesirable consequences in our subconscious if used at the wrong frequencies.

Not all light is the same.  Light can be used to heal and light therapy or phototherapy has existed since the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome.  Various colors of light are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Light is used in incubators to treat neonatal jaundice, to help mood disorders and depressive symptoms like seasonal affective disorder (SAD); to alter mood, to adjust circadian rhythm disorders and to facilitate sleep; to treat skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis to eczema; to promote wound healing; to promote the growth of stem cells; and to help our bodies produce vitamin D.

Light can also have detrimental effects depending on frequency, intensity, modulation and flicker.

There are light meters that measure the flicker or modulation of the light source by converting the flicker into sound.  The sun and natural light from a candle give a soft hissing sound representing many frequencies all on at once. It’s known as pink noise.  Incandescent light bulbs, the ones that Edison invented, produce a sound that’s oscillating at 120 pulses or twice the 60-cycles per second.  Sixty-hertz is used in North America because the original 25 Hertz produced noticeable flickering in Edison’s light bulbs. The power companies decided to raise the frequency until you could not perceive the flicker consciously.

One of the famous photographs of Tesla is with him holding a light bulb in his hand that is glowing but is not attached to electricity.  Fluorescent bulbs can be made to glow this way if they are placed near a high electric field or microwave radiation.  I learned about this, years ago, and tested it by holding a fluorescent tube under some high voltage transmission lines.  The high electric field excited the gases inside the fluorescent tube and caused the bulb to glow.

When you turn on some energy efficient light bulbs the various sounds produced by the light noise detector are loud, chaotic and disturbing. Fluorescent lighting usually produces high frequency voltage changes that generate dirty electricity, rapid light flickering and they also emit radio waves. Many people suffer migraine headaches from fluorescent lighting.  If we could hear this it would drive us crazy, but the flickering light that enters our eyes does register on our brain as subliminal tone. Similarly, some LEDs (light emitting diodes) and some TVs and computer screens also emit this chaotic noise.

This year, incandescent lights were banned in Canada and in many other countries around the world.  This was an unprecedented move, well orchestrated at high levels to have this form of international cooperation when we can’t seem to cooperate on so many more important things.  Citizens were blind-sided by this and now are forced to use energy-efficient lights that produce dirty electricity, light flicker are not full spectrum light like the natural sun.

Lighting, TV and computer screen manufacturing companies need to pay heed to the quality of bulbs and screens they design to ensure they are health rather than dis-ease promoting.

We owe a lot to inventors like Tesla, who made our lives much easier because of their ability to visualize and then create a future for us filled with light.  But we must use this technology wisely since some frequencies can be harmful to our health.  Obvious Tesla knew the difference. Even though he was exposed to high frequency, high voltage electromagnetic fields he lived to the ripe old age of 86 at a time when the life expectancy for someone born in 1856 was less than 50 years. It’s for us to rediscover his secrets.

By: Dr. Magda Havas, BSc., PhD.

Originally published in Tesla Magazine July 2014


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