Legends of the great web

“Eons and eons before time began many lands many universes were drawn together by the “Spider Web“. This Spider Web was a way for many civilizations many universes to connect and communicate with one another. Unfortunately those who would discover the connection and want to take control of different worlds themselves have severed these threads deliberately.  The time has come when the great beings of light, masters, and ancestors will be incarnated. These are the hybrids of mankind, those whose job it is to raise the vibrational levels of those and connect between the worlds.”

Legends of the great web

Many myths and legends from all over the world have been passed down and carried throughout history by our ancestors to teach us and remind us of our past and revel our future. These stories are part of our birthright, without them we would be lost wondering the world without any sense of identity.  These stories carry with them deep and profound meanings that are vital to our understanding of who we are and our place in creation. One of these great stories which can be found all over the world from culture to culture is that of the great spider, the weaver of worlds, connecting the great web of life.

Here is a quick review of some of the many stories passed down to us by our ancestors to teach us about the great spider web that connects us to all of creation.

The Tewa and Hopi have a legend of Spider Woman who was sent to earth by the great sun spirit to lead the then pre humans out of darkness and to another world. In the creation myths of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, the gods who lived in the sky would come down and play by descending spider webs that draped from the sky like lacy bridges. The Maori’s of New Zealand tell the story of Tawhaki in which his grandmother teaches him that the only way to reach the upper world is by climbing the spider’s web that hangs from the sky.  The story is the same in Africa where Anansi the spider god learned how to climb the great spider web of the sky to connect heaven and earth.

The Ancient spiritual text of Egypt puts it all together in their teachings of the “Net”. They showed that the uninitiated souls of mankind were bound in a great net unable to move freely. It is only when one is initiated into the higher teachings of the net one can be freed from this bondage and travel the great web freely to any world on the spiritual planes.
By Jason Quitt
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