Gates Of The Anunnaki | Sacred Geometry Keys To The Gods


GATES OF THE ANUNNAKI | Sacred Geometry Keys To The Gods

Did our ancient ancestors come to possess a knowledge so valuable that it laid the foundational blueprints of the first advanced civilizations? From neolithic stone carvings, clay idols, petroglyphs, pictographs, cuneiform numbers, and alphabets, how was this secret knowledge passed down through millennia of generations into our modern times? Who were the original teachers of the lost language of the gods, stars, sun, planets, moon, and the earth? Gates of the Anunnaki explores these mysteries occulted within ancient Sumerian tablets, mystical texts, motifs, symbols, numbering systems, and sacred geometry, unveiling the fractal nature of the reality of heaven and earth. It is through the knowing of these principles ancient mystics sought to understand the mysteries of creation and the hidden mind that manifested it into being.


Astral Genesis | Astrological Keys To The Gods

Astral Genesis | Astrological Keys To The Gods, explores the metaphysical correspondences and origins between the astrological motifs hidden within the myths and legends of the ancient gods. Within the pages of this book a discovery is made that leads the author on a journey to unlock a lost astrological code hidden within the artifacts, petroglyphs, tools, statues, art, and megalithic monuments from around the world. Once revealed, the astrological fingerprint connects ancient lost civilizations together by a fundamental knowledge that has been passed down unbroken from civilization to civilization for over the last 12,000 years of history.

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Egyptian Postures – Updated 2022

The Egyptian Postures Of Power is an ancient system of meditation techniques based on the ancient Egyptian statues. Just as Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga; the Egyptian Postures utilize the sacred movements and geometry of the body to enter into harmonic resonance with the universal forces of nature. For thousands of years, postures have been used ritualistically in ceremonies, meditations, wellness and in seeking the keys to enlightenment.

The Egyptian postures come directly from the ancient statues found in Egypt. There are thousands of these stone statues depicting various stances and postures.

Traditionally each posture represented a spiritual knowledge or understanding. This information has been lost over thousands of years of history. Many other religious cultures such as Buddhism and Hinduism also have very similar examples of these postures in their ancient past depicted into their artwork and statues.

What is the intent, meaning and purpose of these postures? How can we rediscover and interpret this seemingly lost information?


How I became involved with the Egyptian Postures:

I was suggested to take up the practice of traditional Chinese Qigong.

After many years of practice, I started to have these intense journeys in my dream state where I would be transported to Egypt. I found myself in a room with a teacher who would be standing in a posture.

All I would do is copy the postures that were shown to me. When I did this I could feel an intense energy flow through my body.

When I came back from these journeys I would record what had been shown to me. The thing that blew my mind was that I started to see the same postures I was being shown on the Egyptian statues.

This is when it all started to come together for me. That the statues were showing an ancient form of Qigong and each posture had a unique story and function for the purposes of spiritual growth and attuning to the mind, body and spirit.

As a spiritual practice these postures become a form of meditation and should be done in a calm and relaxed state.  When you are in this meditative relaxed state, you start to sensitize yourself to how your body is feeling and how the life force energy flows through you and your environment.

When entering a posture one should never  over exert or stress yourself. Stress stops the energy from flowing. All of the postures are based on the natural movements your body is already used too.

I have found great benefit practicing Qigong and the Egyptian postures. These systems have become a source of great inspiration in my life and has personally assisted me on my own personal spiritual journey.



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As our modern world moves increasingly more advanced, we are loosing touch with the ancient traditions and wisdom that we have gathered from the dawn of human consciousness. This knowledge has been gained through our ancestors deep connection and understanding of the natural world around us.

The Crystal has been created with the intent to help make these ancient systems and new understandings available to all. We invite you to explore!