2012 – Pyramids, Climate Change & The Awakening of our DNA

We are now officially past the end date of 2012, so what did this prophesied year really mean for us? While some predicted cataclysms, others predicted a golden age of enlightenment. The personal messages that I have received may shed some new light on the whole 2012 question.

First, we will have to take a journey back in time to understand where we were, and where we are heading. What I have to say may be viewed as controversial, but it is just information that has been made available to me through my personal journeys.

Let’s explore the possibility that the original builders of the pyramids came from the stars and that these beings have been coming and going from this planet for millions of years. Stories of their interactions with the human race have been passed down for thousands of years through myths and legends. Even great otherworldly monuments have been left scattered all of the world for us to discover.



The pyramids where originally designed for 2 purposes; they were set up with highly tuned harmonic dynamics that were specifically used to travel into other dimensions of time and space. They built these pyramids so that the original star beings could travel to various star systems such as Sirius. Other pyramids where constructed to alter the climate and atmosphere of the earth.

These beings also interacted with early human civilizations and altered their genetics and DNA so that they could evolve and survive the changing climate and atmosphere that was taking place. Some of these climate changes were very turbulent and where responsible for floods, volcanos, ice ages and other disasters. Most of the humans that did not have these upgraded genetics did not survive these changes and died out from pestilence and disease from their new environment.

When these original star beings left the earth, they left an impact on the early human civilizations. Many of us to this day still carry these other worldly genetics encoded deep within our DNA. Most of these lay dormant within us, and are activated through spiritual endeavours. Some of us are even born with these DNA fully activated.

How does this relate to 2012 you may ask?

As we enter into this prophesied time, these ancient pyramids are starting to reactivate with the changing axis of the earth. These changes are activating pyramid structures that are energetically placed around our planet and solar system. As this occurs new energies will start to flow onto our planet changing our climate and atmosphere. This will also awaken and activate dormant DNA within those that carry it.

dna1The people that carry this DNA are going to do well with the turbulent energetic and climate shifts of 2012 and beyond. Those without this DNA will find these changes hard and will manifest more disease and emotional problems. Those that are in tune with these changes are ready for the next stage of human development. It will be a metamorphosis that will take place over the next 50,000 to 150,000 years. This is not only a physical change, but also a spiritual one. Those that are dormant will start to be awakened by these new energies.

It is similar to what was written in the old testament where there will be a division of people on 2 sides. This is what the ancient prophets talked about with revelations and how the wicked will be judged. Back then they only understood good and evil and the only saw good and evil. What they didn’t understand is how DNA ties in with all of this.

These changes are amplifying power centres around the world, this is why people are flocking to places like Peru, Mexico, Europe, Egypt, etc. The energy from the pyramid structures in space are directed to these power centres. When we enter a power centre these directed energies activates our DNA patterns and synchronizes us with these new energies coming in from outer space. The people that have this DNA consciousness will change and develop with these new energies, while the others will not develop at all, & will go into more confusion and problems with their systems. The ancient DNA will assist in bringing forth a new evolution of human consciousness on this planet.

So what can we do?

There are many things that we can do physically, spiritually, and energetically to assist us in these changing times. Many ancient systems of healing teach us how to let go of what we hold on too and reconnect ourselves to the natural life giving forces of the universe. We do this through resonance, just like the pyramids we can energetically tune into these new energies using our own bodies, minds, and energies. We can utilize many healing systems such as; shamanism, postures, mudras, mantras, meditations, plant medicine, and stone medicine to tune ourselves to these higher energies.


By Jason Quitt

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