Salute To The Moon – Egyptian Postures of Power Level 2


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Egyptian Postures of Power is an ancient system of personal energy healing techniques that were used by the pharaohs and high priests to maintain optimal health and vitality. These postures have been used for thousands of years to cleanse, balance, and align our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the natural life giving forces of the universe.

The Egyptian Postures within this manual illustrate various different postures and movements that will stimulate and activate our energetic systems, opens and clears our channels, meridians, and charkas; It assists us in gathering, building, and strengthening our polarities and energetic bodies, and connects us to our upper, lower, inner, and outer worlds. By doing these movements we are consciously strengthening, refining, and transforming our energies, which will enhance and bring harmony into our daily lives.

The Salute To The Moon – Contents – Level 2 

  • 1. Introduction – The Salute To The Sun
  • 3.The Weighing Of The Heart
  • 4.The History Of The Egyptian Postures
  • 5.The Salute To The Moon
  • 6.The Sun & Moon
  • 8.Foot Posture Review
  • 10.Connecting The Earth & Heart
  • 11.Saluting The Heavens
  • 12.Salute To The Moon
  • 15.Flight Of The Phoenix
  • 17.The Hall Of Records
  • 19.Horns Of The Gods
  • 21.Highway Of The Gods
  • 24.Hands Of Transparency
  • 26.The Diamond Zone
  • 27.The Cup Of Isis
  • 28.The Wings Of Ra