How I got my start in the consciousness community

When I started going through my awakening process in my early 20’s my life took a drastic change in a direction I was not expecting. I felt completely alone and not able to share what I was going through with my friends or family. I knew they would look at me differently, and thats the last thing I wanted. So I started my own personal search, luckily I had a cousin who was a channeller that I could open up to and share. From there my thirst for answers consumed my everyday mind. I started buying metaphysical book and started to become a workshop junkie. Every person that would come into town with new information or healing techniques, I signed up for and just absorbed everything I could. This is what lead me into the practises of dowsing, Qi Gong, energy healing, shamanism & crystals. It was by going to all these events and workshops that I started to meet so many people that share similar stories and interests.

When I started to share my personal story with this new community of people they were fascinated with what I had experienced. This gave me more confidence to speak openly. I was then asked by one of my teachers if I wanted to speak at a conference they were organizing. I agreed because they wouldn’t take no for an answer. Looking back, I do not even know how I made it through my first talk. I was so nervous, I had written what I wanted to say on cue cards and was shaking the whole time. My biggest fear was public speaking. From that first talk, word started to spread. I started to get more and more people inviting me to talk at their local groups and conferences. I was amazed at the positive feedback that my experiences and talks gave to people. It was their positive energy that kept me going on this new path of openly sharing.

It was at one of these conferences that I met Bob Mitchell (Journalist/ Author), he saw a story in me and asked if we could work together on a project. Little did I know how big that project would be. I was not expecting the work to reach such a large audience around the world. And because of that work I was then plunged into a new world of radio and video. I still look back and try to figure out how I got here, but it seems when you follow your truth the path opens in front of you.

My message has never changed, its always been very simple.

The world is not what we have been lead to believe. We are eternal multidimensional beings living in a multiverse. Their is a spiritual world that we are all connected too. This is the source where we find our path, healing and knowledge. Each one of us is connected to this source. We just have to remember and seek this connection.

I was taught that there is no one coming to save me, no saviour, no guru. That I had to take responsibility in finding my own way. I could study from the teachings and wisdom from spiritual texts, teachers, guru’s, but I had to walk the path myself to find the guru within. I learnt that ascension meant the shedding of the old ways, wounds and thought forms. This can be a tremendously painful transition that can take lifetimes. We have to face our fears and experience the polarities of what life has in store for us. We have to move forward knowing that every experience positive or negative has a teaching. We have to walk these teachings in humbleness knowing that we are all part of the ebb and flow of universal laws.

I am here to simply share my journey with those that resonate with it. No motives, it just feels good to speak your truth, share and meet those that can also enlighten the road ahead.

Thank you all for supporting my journey.

Jason Quitt – January 2, 2018

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  1. So very enlightening and informative. Good luck in your search for answers.

  2. Even though we do not have contact, I just want you to know I love you, my cousin Jason

  3. Jason… all that learning paid off in spades as seen in the wisdom and kindness you exude in all you do! Thanks so much for being so brave to open up like you have.

  4. Thank you Jason for “Being” and for sharing your story (s) It really does make a difference to me and many others. My story and experiences are not so profound as yours, but I have an innate knowing or recognition of it. I am inspired to go back and write mine down, more for my own continued expansion. Things happened quite rapidly for me and then I turned my back on it because I felt that I was being “pushed” or ordered around. Now years later am I only seeing that I had done exactly what I should have done in declaring my own souverinty. Your story goes further to prove that end and I’m so happy to have come across one of your YouTube interviews with Bob Mitchell.
    Be well and heal fast!!
    Thank you ❤️

  5. Jason, your presentation at the New World Conference Expo in Orlando Florida back in August 2017 was outstanding. It was great to meet you and talk with you, and even better to find your resources here on the internet. I plan on taking full advantage of your products and materials. I feel I am walking a similar path and it is more than reassuring to find someone like you to learn from. Thank you for speaking your truth and walking your path. You give me hope Brother!

  6. I just watched your interview with Regina on Gaia last night, loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your message & following your path. I feel your insights will help me be more aware for my journey. I understand more that everything will come in time. Love & light.

  7. I too just watched your interview with Regina on Gaia the other night. There were quite a few answers that you gave that I could relate to. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jason, your 5th paragrap is all Truth. Good on you for putting it out there!

  9. I also just watched you on Regina’s show this week. You are so clear, kind and comforting….I went to your site to read more. I think I had some kind of bleed through in 1983 when I “woke up” at an est-like workshop…almost went to the mental hospital for good!!! I am curious about the Egyptian postures for healing and will explore those. Thank you for your truth and help to awaken this 3-D colony to Higher Reality and awareness. Blessings to you.

  10. Jason, I just discovered you on Gaia being interviewed by Regina Meredith. I so resonated with your story. Mine is a little different but equally strange by common standards. I was born in a generation that knew nothing of these other worlds. My ordinary life (never was ordinary but I tried to make it so) came to an abrupt and terrifying end in my 15th year. I developed interests in topics I didn’t know the existence of previously, and found myself reading material no teenager should be able to understand. Then I discovered myself reading conclusions to ideas and arguments that were not in the books. Part of this was very positive and yet I also found myself dealing with entities that tried to destroy me. I know I was very fortunate to have another kind of guidance that knew the difference. I often considered suicide but I’m very stubborn and couldn’t leave in defeat. Besides, I suspected that I couldn’t really leave. The problems would be waiting for me on the other side. Many years later I discovered what I called the Black Smoke Beings. I caught them in action and saw how they distorted human communication to create disharmony, fights, depression and constant conflict. This was their food. In a way we created them but then they took on a life of their own and tried to steal our life force from us. We are co-creators and have much to learn in this universe that is always in process. I’ve already said too much but barely touched the truth. Thank you for your honesty, modesty and willingness to pass on your learning about the process. The Black Smoke Beings are our teachers. A kind of dark mirror. I appreciated that you confirmed this.

  11. As i sit here and read your comments I am too filled with with joy and happiness for our brother and healer. I saw his interview on Gaiam t.v with meredith and wondering when he will be on TED talks to speak of Crystal healing modalities. This is a portal and awakening of the masses and humankind is receptive, they want to heal. I am also on my spiritual quest, open to learning and with every interview, documentary and video i happen to come across i take what feels true and use it. My little miracles may seem big to others and my little experiences may seem crazy to some. I know now that awake or asleep we have the will to choose the path that will lead to your authentic spirituality and growth. asleep is neither good nor bad. learning to dial in to subtle frequencies. I am relieved he spoke of asking any beings that visit if they are of the light and to a tell them to go away, no need to fear , extend love and this will transmute the energies, beings into the light.
    thank you brothers and sistars for sharing space kindness and spirit with us. Namaste xo

  12. Thank you Jason for everything you have given us for information. We follow the Egyptian Postures from your DVD and book. We appreciate you more than you know. When you get to a certain place, nothing can rock your boat anymore. You have managed to tip our boat over! Love the Auralite (in my pocket as we speak) magic!
    Nice seeing you at CLE this year. J & C

  13. Hi Jason, We’ve never met,
    But I wanted to thank you for sharing all you’ve learned and for overcoming the obstacle of public speaking in order to do videos and events.

    I’m proud of you.
    Love to you.

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