Finding your Sacred Dimension

While involved in the study of the mysteries of ancient egypt, I remember coming across a curious piece of information that has been sitting in the back of…

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The Codes of Creation

This grid is the fabric of everything; it is the template that all structures and life forms are born from. The wisdom of this grid has been with…

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Legends of the great web

“Eons and eons before time began many lands many universes were drawn together by the “Spider Web“. This Spider Web was a way for many civilizations many universes to connect and…

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Egyptian Postures of Power

Egyptian Postures of Power is an ancient system of personal energy healing techniques that were used by the pharaohs and high priests to maintain optimal health and vitality….

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About | Jason Quitt

“In my early 20’s, I started having terrifying experiences of sleep paralysis. I would be awakened by a presence in my room but I would be frozen and…

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Welcome To The Crystal Sun

As our modern world moves increasingly more advanced, we are loosing touch with the ancient traditions of healing and wisdom that we have gathered from the dawn of…

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