Egyptian Postures – Simplified Explanation

The Egyptian postures come directly from the ancient statues found in Egypt. There are thousands of these stone statues depicting various stances and postures. Traditionally each posture is…

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How I got my start in the consciousness community

When I started going through my awakening process in my early 20’s my life took a drastic change in a direction I was not expecting. I felt completely…

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Awakening To Crystal Healing

I have always been drawn to crystals my whole life. Even as a young child my mother would take me to the local crystal store and buy me…

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Forbidden Knowledge – Available Now !

New book by Jason Quitt & Bob Mitchell !

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Metauralite Crystals – Electromagnetic Frequencies Of Light

 “The Crystal Sun is releasing a series of crystals that has never been on the market before. They will be called “Metauralite”. These specimens are extremely rare and…

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Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum

Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum. Tet = Pillar | Ra = Sun Together it is the “Pillar of the Sun” – A tool of transformation, purity, power & stability….

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The Universal Energy System

You’ve heard it a million times though your life time, that we are all connected, or all is one. But we never really full experience this or understand…

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Let There Be Light

God said . . . “Let there be light” . . . but it took Tesla and Edison to bring that light into our homes by converting electricity…

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2012 – Pyramids, Climate Change & The Awakening of our DNA

We are now officially past the end date of 2012, so what did this prophesied year really mean for us? While some predicted cataclysms, others predicted a golden…

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War on our immune systems / Energies

The human system is a product of our environment, our beliefs, and what we attune ourselves to. Unfortunately in this modern world we have virtually lost touch with…

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