Robert’s Plant Band

Can plants sense the presence of humans? Can they communicate with other plants, animals or humans? In this video, Robert W Connolly conducts Robert’s Plant Band, a quartet…

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TeslaMania Music Video You’ve got the Power

Lyrics: Magda Havas Music Composition, Production and Instrument Design: Don Garbutt Video Animation: Jason Quitt This musical composition is unique in that aside from drums, synthetic voices and…

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Let There Be Light

God said . . . “Let there be light” . . . but it took Tesla and Edison to bring that light into our homes by converting electricity…

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2012 – Pyramids, Climate Change & The Awakening of our DNA

We are now officially past the end date of 2012, so what did this prophesied year really mean for us? While some predicted cataclysms, others predicted a golden…

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War on our immune systems / Energies

The human system is a product of our environment, our beliefs, and what we attune ourselves to. Unfortunately in this modern world we have virtually lost touch with…

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The Hamsa

Have you ever heard of the Hamsa ?  Its symbol is of a hand with an eye in the palm. This image is shared by many middle eastern…

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Finding your Sacred Dimension

While involved in the study of the mysteries of ancient egypt, I remember coming across a curious piece of information that has been sitting in the back of…

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The Codes of Creation

This grid is the fabric of everything; it is the template that all structures and life forms are born from. The wisdom of this grid has been with…

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Legends of the great web

“Eons and eons before time began many lands many universes were drawn together by the “Spider Web“. This Spider Web was a way for many civilizations many universes to connect and…

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